Tyrese Vs The Zombies!

He'll star in Condition Dead

Tyrese Vs The Zombies!

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You know, Empire is always sceptical about any freshly-announced zombie movie that doesn't have George A. Romero attached to it, or that isn't IRA Zombies.

But hell, we'll give Tyrese Gibson's new movie, Condition Dead, a chance. Not just because the giddy press release just circulated about the movie likens it to James Cameron's uniformly awesome Aliens, but because it somewhat optimistically describes the star of 2 Fast 2 Furious as 'internationally-renowned'. In other words, if the film displays the same sense of humour as the press release, we'll be in for a treat.

Anyway, to the plot: Condition Dead, which will be directed by Patrick Lussier, the genius behind Dracula 2000, will focus on a team of elite zombie hunters who are ambushed by a vicious new breed of drooling undead. Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad – and, coming off this summer’s Transformers, in which Tyrese has a supporting role, it may be a good way for him to capitalise on any heat that comes his way. But if you ask us, it’s still not a patch on… you know.

The script has been written by Dave Davis (‘the guy from CHUD?’ we wonder aloud), while Tyrese will also hope to add ‘internationally-renowned producer’ to his CV. No studio is yet attached.

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