Tuesday’s News Round-Up (February 20

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Tuesday's News Round-Up (February 20

by Willow Green |
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Saw IV gets a director

Well, technically it keeps a director. Darren Lynn Boussman, who shouted "hack it off! More blood!" during Saw II and III will reap juvenile terror again in the fourth installment of the most successful horror franchise in history. Doesn't the latter half of that sentence make you a little sad? The most successful horror franchise ever is driven by a puppet. And not even a very well painted puppet.

Brittany Snow will go to the prom!

In further horror news, the remake of Prom Night has a leading lady. What do you mean you didn't know their was a remake of Prom Night? What do you mean you've never heard of Prom Night? OK, well, Brittany Snow who'll play Amber Von Tussell in Hairspray and has appeared in tons of US TV shows you've probably never watched, will take over where Jamie Lee Curtis left off as one of a group of school girls picked off by a masked killer. Prom Night is scheduled for February 1 2008, and fat unpopular kids are totally welcome at this one.

Ghost Rider is a flaming hit

In your face critics! Oh...wait...in our face critics! Despite a drubbing in almost every media outlet, Ghost Rider's final numbers for the Presidents' Day weekend set whole new records. The final four day numbers for the comic book actioner were a hefty $51.5million, sailing comfortably past previous record holder Daredevil also (hey, neat!) directed by Ghost Rider's Mark Steven Johnson, which hauled $44.5million.

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