Tuesday’s News Round Up (30 January)

Cruz, retro and sports

Tuesday's News Round Up (30 January)

by Willow Green |
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Penelope Cruz almost definitely in Almodovar's next

Variety is reporting that Penelope Cruz is almost certain to take the lead role in the next Pedro Almodovar film. The film, La Piel que habito, is based on a novel about a plastic surgeon who exacts revenge on his daughter's rapists. This was rumoured and reported weeks ago, but this allows us to use a nice picture of Cruz. It was that or an old image from Barbarella or Poltergeist.

Barbarella 2.0

Uber producer Dino De Laurentiis has announced that sci-fi shagaholic Barbarella is returning to the cinema screen. But, anyone worried by the prospect of seeing Jane Fonda in a clear perspex boob tube at the age of 69, De Laurentiis promises this will be "a completely new Barbarella" and not a remake. Which is a good thing, because the original didn't make a whole lot of sense.

And Poltergeist back too?

It's like a time warp in here today. So much so that we've put on a Global Hypercolour T-shirt and started going on about Spangles. Poltergeist III.com, the oddly episode specific Poltergeist fansite, is reporting that a Senior Exec VP at MGM has told them a new Poltergeist "project" is in the works. Whether that project is a film, TV show or just someone in the dark rattling some chains and going "Wooooo, ghosty ghosty" for cash, is as yet unclear.

The Superbowl now pointless for non-Americans

To the good people of the USA the Superbowl is a reason to sit in front of the TV, get drunk and shout at people who can neither hear you, nor care what you say. So on that basis, we salute it. For us non-'mercins it's a time when we get another look at the summer's most exciting movies. In the past we've had our first look at Hulk and War of the Worlds. This year? So far it's looking like Wild Hogs (fat old men play at being bikers), Meet The Robinsons (Disney's final non-Pixar computer animation) and Pride (something with Cedric The Entertainer). Which has not got our woos hooing. The reason the blockbusters are staying away is unclear, but it means a lack of trailery excitement come Monday.

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