Tuesday’s News Round Up (17 April)

Owen, Levy and Tolkien

Tuesday's News Round Up (17 April)

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Clive Owen Is International

Clive Owen is set to star in The International, an action thriller about an Interpol agent who investigates corruption at powerful banking institutions. Tom Tykwer (Perfume) will direct, with shooting set to start in September.

Levy Not Dry

After Night At The Museum made over $560million worldwide, despite largely negative reviews, director Shawn Levy seems to have his pic of scripts. He already has The Hardy Men, a Tom Cruise/Ben Stiller update of The Hardy Boys, and his take on superhero The Flash on the cards. Now, he's lining up The Seems, an as yet unpublished novel about a parallel world where everything humans take for granted - dreams, weather, memory – is manufactured. When a glitch occcurs, a young boy is enlisted to save the world. We can't say we were fans of Night At The Museum, but you've got to respect Levy for striking while the iron's hot.

New Tolkien Book May Become Film. Some Day

Today is pretty slow, so it's being reported that the 'new' book from JRR Tolkien – who died almost 34 years ago – may be made into a film. The Children of Hurin, which was pieced together from old manuscripts by Tolkien's son Christopher, tells the sad story of Turin and his Neinor, who are cursed by the first Dark Lord, Morgoth. The film talk is coming from David Brawn, director of Tolkien's publisher HarperCollins. He says "We all want this first and foremost to enjoy life as a book," said Brawn. "No one's saying never to a film (but) the film rights are reserved by the estate. We want to see what reaction it gets and then let it run its course." So there you go. Might happen at some time. Don't hold your breath or you may keel over and we wouldn't like to be held responsible.

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