Tropic Thunder Teaser Online

Blowing stuff up ROCKS!

Tropic Thunder Teaser Online

by Olly Richards |
Published on

After releasing a picture earlier this week that still makes us giggle (read that story here), Paramount has now put a small teaser for Tropic Thunder online, which you can see here. Warning: It's got some swears in it, so don't say we didn't buggering warn you if you're easily offended.

There's very little footage in there, but this looks like great fun. It's got lots of explosions, which, in the words of Michael Bay, is awesome. But the cast is fantastic and looks like they're having the time of their lives playing actors who think they're shooting a Vietnam movie but accidentally become involved in real combat when their exasperated director dumps them in the jungle. Nick Nolte with a bazooka would be enough to get us into the cinema, but Robert Downey Jr, in full un-PC make up, is the one that's guaranteed our interest. With this and Iron Man coming up, we are currently man-crushing on him quite a lot.

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