Travis Knight The Top Choice To Direct New Masters Of The Universe Live-Action Film

Travis Knight

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When a director circles a project, it can be a tentative proposition – as we all discovered last week when word began to spread that David Leitch was likely to make the next Jurassic World entry, before he swiftly dropped out. But things are apparently much more promising for Bumblebee director (and Laika studio boss) Travis Knight, who is closing in on a deal to handle the new live-action Masters Of The Universe film.

According to Deadline's sources, Knight has yet to sign, but it's looking good for him — especially since Chris Butler, a veteran Laika writer and director – is polishing the script. But they'll need all the help they can get, as this is one that has eluded more than one studio and a host of filmmakers.

Masters Of The Universe, for anyone who might not know, was born from Mattel's 1980s toy line of sword and sorcery figures, around which the company built an animated series as an ultimate sales pitch. The basic story follows an orphan named Adam, who discovers he is a prince destined to be the saviour of the land known as Eternia, and must quickly learn how to use his power and alter ego He-Man to save his home from the evil Skeletor.

Various other adaptations of the toys have sprung up since they launched, including the notoriously shonky (but often enjoyed in cult so-bad-it's-fun fashion) live-action 1987 film starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. More recently, Netflix has been tapping the source for not one but two series: Kevin Smith's updated Masters Of The Universe: Revelation (and its follow-up series Revolution) and a more straightforward He-Man show.

The new movie will reportedly see a 9-year-old Prince Adam crashing to Earth in a spaceship and being separated from his Magical Sword – the only link to his home on Eternia. After tracking it down almost two decades later, Adam is whisked back across space to defend his home planet against the evil forces of Skeletor. But to defeat such a powerful villain, Prince Adam first will need to uncover the mysteries of his past and become He-Man — the most powerful man in the universe.

Now we wait and see whether the project's current home, Amazon MGM Studios can actually crack this Mattel toy idea. Because you know everyone is looking to make Barbie levels of cash.

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