Toy Story 3 Is Back On

To 2009, and beyond!

Toy Story 3 Is Back On

by Willow Green |
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We won’t lie to you folks; a while back, when Disney’s plans to go ahead and make Toy Story 3 without the involvement of originators Pixar were aborted, we were glad. You just can’t make an adventure of Woody and Buzz without the input of John Lasseter & co. So it’s with great pleasure, and a touch of Christmas-morning-giddy-excitement, we report that the Mouse House have come to their senses, and signed a deal to make the film with the Pixel Hut after all.

You see, much has happened in the world of massive animation studios in the last year or two, with Pixar making moves to become more independent from Disney. We have little idea of the details of such machinations, other than being horrified at the thought of a Toy Story movie out of the hands of the people who know it best, but at the same time being glad that they never did sever ties completely. As a result of the new deal between the studios, we don’t have to worry about such things any more, like when it was announced that while Lasster himself won’t be directing it, the man who has been co-director on Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and most importantly Toy Story 2 will. His name is Lee Unkrich, and of course he has the full support of Lasseter, who’s very busy these days as chief creative officer of Disney Animation.

The script is going to be written by Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter Michael Arndt (who we thin is an inspired choice), and is scheduled to be in cinemas in 2009.

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