Tobey Maguire Directing Jo Nesbø Adaptation Blood On Snow

Tobey Maguire

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Add another actor to the list of those looking to add the word "director" to their CV. Tobey Maguire is the latest performer aiming to step from in front of the camera to behind it, lining up the chance to make the adaptation of Jo Nesbø's novella Blood On Snow.

This is one that has been sitting on the development shelf for a few years, with Leonardo DiCaprio seriously interested in producing and starring in an adaptation of the book (written by Nesbø using the pseudonym Tom Johansson) back in 2013. But as sometimes happens with the project-loaded Leo, it fell by the wayside.

Now Maguire's Material company and Lawrence Grey's Grey Matter Productions have taken up the rights, and are developing the idea further for Maguire to use as a directorial debut.

The story follows hitman Olav, who relishes his job slaying people for his employer, one of Norway's most powerful crime bosses. But when he's asked to kill the kingpin's own adulterous wife – and falls for her – things become a little more tangled than even he's used to.

It's not the only Nesbø adaptation headed our way, as The Snowman (a crime tale, not a dark re-interpretation of the Christmas classic cartoon), starring Michael Fassbender, lands on 13 October.

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