Tobey Maguire Buys A Soul

And he's going to make it into a movie

Tobey Maguire Buys A Soul

by Willow Green |
Published on

Hollywood is full of people who've sold their souls, if indeed they had one to begin with. But it's very rare that you hear of people buying them. It seems that one of those people is Tobey Maguire and he wants to make it a movie star.

The man best known as Spider-Man has optioned the story of Gerald Fraller, who is selling his soul in an online auction. When Fraller was 28 his life took a turn for the rubbish as a planned dream job in Taiwan collapsed and he vowed to turn his life around. Instead of, say, getting another job Fraller decided to set up a website called and, well, sell his soul. Rather than curious looks and a life of mockery, Fraller has actually so far received 3,690 bids on his eternal spirit and will reveal the winner in November. As well as a nice shiny soul to put on their mantelpiece, the winning bidder will receive the right to name Fraller's children and a share of his earnings. The latter could be quite lucrative now that Maguire's snapped up the rights to his life story.

Plans for a movie are still in the extremely early stages. But a script will be written and then Maguire will shop it round the studios. Given the number of soul suckers that inhabit movie studios, he should have no problem.

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