Time Traveller’s Wife Gets Leads

Bana and McAdams sign for romance

Time Traveller's Wife Gets Leads

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It's been long rumoured that Rachel McAdams would be lending her Olympian strength loveliness to the movie adaptation of The Time Traveller's Wife. But now it is official and she's been joined by Eric Bana too.

Based on Audrey Nifennegger's (bless you) bestselling novel, The Time Traveller's Wife is the story of a man who time travels in times of stress, but tries to keep a relationship alive with the girl he repeatedly meets on his time leaps. Due to the time travelling nature, both characters' ages will shift throughout the story, so we wouldn't be surprised if multiple actors are cast in either part.

Shooting is set to start later this year, with Brad Pitt's Plan B productions producing.

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