Thursday’s News Round-Up (March 29)

Double Sandler

Thursday's News Round-Up (March 29)

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I Now Pronounce You…A Trailer

Adam Sandler and Kevin James’ new comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is online now, and while the funny is only semi-brought, there are treats. Sandler seems to be on toned-down-but-dependable form, while James seems to be once again channelling the lovable schmuck from King of Queens and Hitch. And then there are several shots of Jessica Biel in her undies that will either a) make you feel a bit like your brain has turned to butterflies and your trousers have shrunk a size or b) fill you with admiration at her ability to slither into a catsuit that most people couldn’t squeeze into. Check it out here.

In More Sandler News

And with Chuck and Larry in the can, Adam Sandler’s lining up his next film with the same director, Dennis Dugan (also the man who directed Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy and, er, Benchwarmers). The film is called You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, and tells the story of a Mossad agent (Sandler) who fakes his own death and becomes a hairdresser in New York. Rob Schneider, who usually only cameos in Sandler’s films, is to play a bigger role this time as an “East Yistannen” cab driver. Cue many ‘hilarious’ and (at least) semi-racist accents, we’re thinking. Anyway, it’s all written by Sandler, The 40 Year-Old Virgin’s Judd Apatow and Chuck And Larry’s Robert Smigel, so fingers crossed they remember to bring the funny.

McConaughey Versus The Jellyfish

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson’s Fool’s Gold has reportedly put a hold on filming due to take place at sea after evidence emerged that deadly “Irukandji jellyfish” are migrating south in large numbers due to global warming. The translucent jellyfish, the size of a thumbnail, can be lethal, which means swimming scenes have been postponed and may be moved. OK, so it’s not the world’s most exciting story, but it does neatly combine deadly creatures, current global issues and superstars in their skimpies, so that’s got to be worth something.

Serkis Rents A Cottage

Andy Serkis has signed up for a new black horror comedy called The Cottage, from Paul Andrew Williams, director of last year’s London To Brighton. The film, which started shooting on Monday, tells the story of two brothers who bungle the kidnapping of the daughter of a crime boss, and then end up caught in a rural mystery as well. Oops. It also stars The League of Gentlemen’s Reece Shearsmith, Jennifer Ellison and Steve O’Donnell.

Elizabeth Banks IS Barb Wire – No, Wait…

Oh, Elizabeth Banks, of Slither and Spider-Man fame, is set to star in and produce the rom-com **What About Barb. **She’s a socialite who has to allow her uncouth cousin to act as a maid of honour at her wedding so that her nouveau riche uncle will pay for the thing. Hilarity, hopefully, will ensue – but not as much hilarity as if she turned it into a sequel to the Pamela Anderson Casablanca-reimagining Barb Wire. Come on, guys, surely there’s a comedy gold-mine to be had by combining the two!

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