Thursday News Round-Up (January 25)

Thomas Crown, Mad Money and blackjack

Thursday News Round-Up (January 25)

by Willow Green |
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Thomas Crown 2 Is Go, Go, Go

Pierce Brosnan is in the States to promote his new film, Seraphim Falls, and confirmed that Thomas Crown sequel The Topkapi Affair is very much still on. It’s been mooted for a couple of years now, but Brosnan confirmed that a final script had been delivered two days ago, and that it’s going ahead “come hell or high water”. There was bad news however – he confirmed that Rene Russo would not be starring in it, obeying the age old role that all leading men must have a new girlfriend for the sequel, while most leading ladies (Lara Croft aside) stay faithful. Chances of him getting the same chemistry a second time? Well, if you ask us it’ll be rather more difficult than stealing a Monet from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but good luck to him.

Mad Money For Latifah

Queen Latifah is in talks to join Diane Keaton in her remake of British TV movie Hot Money. Based on the true story of three cleaning ladies who decided to take more than their wages from the Bank of England, this moves the action to America and sees three working class women conspiring to rob their employer. Keaton and Latifah? There have probably been odder couples, but we can’t think of any right now. Still, if they make sure it’s more Lavender Hill Mob and less Set It Off, we’re all for it.

Kate Bosworth Is 21 Again

Congratulations, Lois Lane! Kate Bosworth has announced that she’s signing on for a role in 21, the Las Vegas set gambling drama about MIT students who beat the system by counting cards, thereby completing a hat-trick of films with Kevin Spacey in (see also Beyond The Sea and Superman Returns). The director, Robert Luketic, previously also worked with Bosworth on Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, so it’s really one big happy reunion. Wonder if there’ll be cake…

Derek Luke Has Lions For Lambs

Derek Luke, best known for the title role in Antwone Fisher, and rather fantastic in the upcoming Catch A Fire, has signed on for the Robert Redford-directed, Tom Cruise-starring Afghan war drama Lions For Lambs. He’ll appear with Michael Pena as the second Army ranger lost and wounded in enemy territory. Gee, doesn’t this guy ever do comedy?

The Real Harry Potter?

In what may be the lamest idea ever, the BBC has announced a new kids’ show called The Sorceror’s Apprentice. In the show, kids will be sent to a Harry Potter-style boarding school, where kids learn card tricks, Latin spells and illusions. And each week the kids will have to perform their new tricks for a panel of judges (we bet that one of them’s a bit nasty) who decide who gets to stay and who has to leave. It could be popular with the masses, we suppose – but only if we all clap our hands and say that we do believe in magic, we do, we do.

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