The Simpsons Looks Set For Disney+ In The UK After All

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by Ben Travis |
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UPDATE: It's now been confirmed that over 600 episodes of The Simpsons will be on Disney+ in the UK – and considering there are 670-odd instalments overall, that means the vast majority will be streaming on the service when it launches here. Woohoo!

Original story below...

It’s a matter of weeks now until Disney+ launches in the UK, bringing with it The Mandalorian, the Star Wars movies in 4K and much more (read about that here). But one thing that looked to be conspicuously absent was The Simpsons – which now comes under Disney’s ownership thanks to the Fox deal. When the UK social media accounts for Disney+ starting posting about the content coming to our shores, fans quickly spotted that there was no sign of the doughnut logo that popped up in the adverts for other countries. It all seemed to be down to Sky still holding the UK rights for new episodes of the legendary animated show – but now the signs are pointing to Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie finding a home on Disney+ in the UK after all.

First up came the above new post from Disney+ UK, with that formerly missing doughnut symbol. Then there’s a report from Deadline, stating that a new Disney and Sky deal will make Disney+ available to Sky and Now TV customers, pointing to a resolution reached between the two parties. With the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons (including the golden run of roughly Seasons 3 – 9) available on Disney+ in the US, stay tuned for updates on how much of a presence the show will have on the UK series.

Disney+ is due to launch in the UK on 24 March. The official full launch catalogue is yet to be confirmed, but will include content from Pixar, National Geographic, and Marvel, as well as Disney and Star Wars.

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