Super 8 TV Spot Online

It arrives...

Super 8 TV Spot Online

by James White |
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Given how secretive JJ Abrams is being over anything to do with Super 8, it’s not that surprising that we haven’t been bombarded with clips and promos. But as the release date approaches, he's grudgingly giving us a few peeks, including this latest TV spot, which you can watch below.

A lot of the footage contained within is culled from the trailer that appeared earlier this year, but there are a few new moments sitting within. So if you’re seething at the knowledge that Empire’s hardworking Cannes crew got to see 20 minutes of the film at the festival, this might help. A little.

Written and directed by Abrams, Super 8 follows what happens when a group of young friends, busy making movies, witness a catastrophic train crash near their sleepy small town. Soon, dogs are vanishing, electronics are being vandalised and other weird events are occurring, and the youngsters (including Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney) are caught in the middle of something distinctly dangerous…

**Super 8 **will be out on August 5.

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