Street Fighter Sequel Greenlit

And we don't know how to feel

Street Fighter Sequel Greenlit

by Olly Richards |
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There is really absolutely no reason to be excited about a second live-action Street Fighter movie. Video game movies both suck and blow. The first one was terrible and a completely unfitting swansong for Raul Julia. Most people who remember going to see the first one should really know better by now. And yet, the news fills our inner child with some sense of cautious joy. This leads us to suspect our inner child may have some kinda luhrnun' diffeecuhltays.

The new film will be directed by – and we directly quote Variety here – "action specialist" Andrzej Bartkowiak. This would be the specialist who directed Doom and Romeo Must Die, which were not special in the good way. Bartkowiak will be looking to be somewhat more successful than the Jean Claude Van Damme/Kylie Minogue starring incarnation, which took just $33million at the US box office. Justin Marks, who is also writing He-Man for Warner Bros, is currently working on the script.

This take on the game will centre on Chun Li, the giggly Chinese girl who was the best character in the game – so, good choice on protagonist – and also one of the least practically dressed. The film will follow her journey for justice (justice for what?) armed only with her twin hair buns made of fury and legs made of spinning bird kicks.

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