Stranger Things Officially Wins A Third Season

Stranger Things

by James White |
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This is one story we feel should be filed under, "Well, OF COURSE", especially since creators the Duffer brothers essentially confirmed that they were working on ideas for the next set of episodes. But the announcement has been now been made officially: Netflix has greenlit a third season of Stranger Things.

One of the biggest hits on TV in 2016, the show returned this year for a well-regarded second season and is going from strength to strength with its tales of apocalyptically weird things happening in the small Indiana town of Hawkins.

Nothing official has been said about what the new season will entail, but the creators have said that they'll need to jump forward in time again to accommodate their young stars' aging appearances. We'd expect the majority of the cast to return, and while there is no official date for Season 3, the horror themes continue to make the Halloween season feel like the most logical placement.

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