Stephen King And Joe Hill’s Novella Throttle Will Be A Movie

Stephen King and Joe Hill

by James White |

Stephen King's work is always being optioned by producers, and he's seen many adaptations of his work over the years. His son, writer Joe Hill's books are also a popular source of material for movies and TV, so you can imagine the interest in a collaboration between the two. Their novella Throttle is now in development as a film.

Originally published in 2009 as part of a limited edition horror anthology that honoured author Richard Matheson, Throttle was inspired by Matheson's short story Duel. The setting is the dusty world of Route 6, a long stretch of road in Nevada's empty desert. Vince, his son Race, and his pack of bikers, The Tribe, are on the run after a deal goes bad. But it's not long before the group is chased by something far more frightening and relentless than the memory of their own crimes...

Producer Emile Gladstone has nabbed the rights to the story, and has hired Maggie writer John Scott 3 to work on the adaptation. As for other King work hitting the screen, we'll see the first film based on The Dark Tower on 28 July and It landing on 8 September, and TV series based on The Mist and Mr. Mercedes are about to kick off shooting. Hill, who wrote the book that was turned into Horns, has The Fireman in development at Fox and his upcoming novel Snapshot 1988 has already been picked up by Universal.

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