Spider-Man 3 Sticks At The Top

But it's a big drop for the webbed one

Spider-Man 3 Sticks At The Top

by empire |
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It's ridiculous that we're now at a stage where we can call a $60million second weekend a bit of a disappointment. But there we are. Spider-Man 3 took that whopping amount in its second week on the charts, but it represented a 60% drop from its record breaking opening. But with over $621million now taken around the world, it's unlikely the bean counters will be crying their eyes out.

The rest of the US top ten barely got a look in. 28 Weeks Later, the largely well reviewed sequel to 28 Days Later, managed a slim $10million on about half the screens of Spidey; Georgia Rule, the film planned to prove Lindsay Lohan as a proper actress and not just a booze recepticle, slumped with $5,879,000. The only other new entry to crack the top ten was army comedy Delta Farce with a piddling $3.5million. The Ex, a new comedy starring Zach Braff and Jason Bateman (which is funny but not quite the sum of those sitcom brilliance parts) landed at number 12 with an extremely disappointing $1,355,000.

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