Snakes Director Tackles Humpty Dumpty

But there's not a giant egg in sight

Snakes Director Tackles Humpty Dumpty

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

David R. Ellis, best known for directing the promising but ultimately disappointing Snakes On A Plane, has signed up for a new film, called Humpty Dumpty. But there's not one of the king's horses or the king's men in sight, since this is a science fiction horror - in 3-D!

Yes, that's right: the film will see a half-human, half-alien creature begin a murder spree after his alien mother is abused by two rednecks in the Deep South. OK, it differs in a few tiny respects from the traditional nursery rhyme, and we're going to go ahead and guess that the alien hybrid doesn't look like an egg (cause, y'know, not normally that scary, except in some of these instances) but we're sure that the title's meaning will become clear.

Billy Majestic is writing the script, which is due to go into production in September.

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