Is The Simpsons Trailer Bogus?

Footage might not make the final cut...

Is The Simpsons Trailer Bogus?

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One of Springfield's head honchos, James L.Brooks, has revealed to EW that due to the speed at which The Simpsons Movie is progressing, 70% of what we've seen in the currently released trailers won't be included in the finished feature.

"It started out as people wanting to know what it was about, and then we were having fun with it, putting out false story lines. We've revealed more with each successive trailer. We'll continue to do that." said Brooks, before Simpson's creator/guru Matt Groening, confirmed that, "there are some very misleading things in the trailer."

Brooks continued: "We saw a trailer the other day, and somebody said 70 percent of the things in it — based on where we were eight weeks ago — are no longer in the movie, because we keep on fooling around."

Hmmm. So, what do you think? Why not head over to our Future Films page to check out the trailers, then nip over to the forums to let us know which scenes you'd like to see in your local cinema on July 27, and which parts should be resigned to Homer's belly - never to be seen again. Mmmm...animation.

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