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Recent Forum Outage -- 8/4/2014 3:00:00 PM
Dear Forumites,

I'd like to apologise for the recent disruption to our service. No one likes it when they close your local for renovations and it was with profound regret that we had to close the forum doors over the past few weeks.

Now, an explanation. Our long-standing members will know that this forum has been around for quite some time and the technology underpinning it is far from cutting edge. As a result it has certain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the less savoury elements on the Internet. Long story short: someone with a lot of time on their hands and little regard for well-reasoned movie discussion hacked into the forum and had the hacking equivalent of a house party. Ornaments were broken, carpets were stained and the fridge door was left open all night.

As a result we've had to do two things. First, we needed to repair the damage and recover the posts that were lost. Second, we had to make significant changes to the forum code to ensure that the same exploits couldn't be used to let this party crasher stage another all-nighter in our front room.

Both operations have been a success but all such things come with a cost. In battening down the hatches, we've had to remove elements of the forum's functionality – image uploads being the primary one – so you'll find a few things don't work exactly as they should do and when it comes to Avatars and the Movie Poster Mash-Ups, you'll need to use Flickr or similar external hosting solution to post your entries from now on.

Of course, with a forum this old, removing bits may have knock-on effects (it's like a giant .ASP Jenga tower) so if you do encounter a glitch in The Matrix then by all means drop me a line and I'll get someone to bash it back into shape. If you have any further queries about the outage (or simply want to rail against the injustice of it all) then I direct you to this thread.

In the meantime, though, welcome back to the Empire Forums – may they never close their doors again!


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Empire Online 
Feedback or queries regarding the site
Moderators Moderators
293339140 RE: 'BATMAN vs SUPERMAN' - ne ..
18/4/2014 11:50:18 AM
Empire Magazine 
Feedback or queries regarding the mag
Moderators Moderators
217339057 RE: Alternative movie posters ..
19/4/2014 11:22:08 AM
Empire iPad Edition 
Feedback or queries regarding the iPad edition
Moderators Moderators
1801708 RE: Empire iPad Edition FAQ - ..
8/4/2014 4:24:28 PM
[Film Forums]
The Hall Of Fame 
Collecting great films nominated and voted for by you.
Moderators Moderators
16216473 Hall of Fame round 21 ..
16/4/2014 1:02:03 PM
Movie Musings 
The best film discussion on the net!
Moderators Moderators
12051348194 RE: Was Hitchcock's The Birds ..
19/4/2014 1:49:00 AM
Poster Mash-Ups 
Submit your contributions for our poster mash-up features
Moderators Moderators
26326820 RE: Win A 16GB iPad Mini With ..
18/4/2014 3:59:59 AM
Jameson Empire Awards 
All your Jameson Empire Awards discussions - in one place!
1585 How long is the vote open? ..
25/2/2014 12:59:10 PM
Film Reviews 
Post your reader reviews here - threads are also generated from content on the main site.
Moderators Moderators
784260521 OK Computer. ..
19/4/2014 12:43:40 AM
Movie News 
Breaking film news - threads are also generated from content on the main site.
Moderators Moderators
181193354 RE: Movie News ..
18/4/2014 7:39:15 AM
Future Films 
Films in the pipeline - threads are also generated from content on the main site.
Moderators Moderators
434450486 RE: X-Men: Days of Future Pas ..
18/4/2014 1:23:14 PM
Favourite Films 
The ones you love
Moderators Moderators
2677107032 For Lord Of The Rings lovers ..
18/4/2014 9:02:41 PM
Lists and Top 10s 
Post your lists here
Moderators Moderators
3119229601 RE: Top 100 Films I've Watche ..
19/4/2014 2:21:09 AM
Gimli The Dwarf
Actors And Auteurs 
Praise your idols here
Moderators Moderators
Sub-forums: Objects of Desire
2071112655 RE: Johnny Depp in the last d ..
19/4/2014 12:48:34 AM
Peregrine Took
Golden Oldies 
Classic films with classic stars (pre 1975 only)
Moderators Moderators
4479640 RE: Jean-Luc Godard's Le Mepr ..
18/4/2014 8:40:32 PM
Filmmakers' Workshop 
Gather feedback and share ideas
Moderators Moderators
176618766 RE: My New Short Film ..
18/4/2014 8:47:50 PM
DVD Discussion 
Home entertainment
Moderators Moderators
494995067 RE: What have you Bought This ..
19/4/2014 10:52:28 AM
Bloke from Oz
DVD Club 
Recommend and share your thoughts on chosen films
Moderators Moderators
192333 RE: RIDLEY SCOTT ..
29/11/2013 9:16:05 AM
Dr Lenera
Empire Movie Trial 
Guilty or not guility?
Moderators Moderators
1024670 RE: What is Empire's Movie Tr ..
17/2/2014 8:52:41 AM
World Cinema 
Burn, Hollywood, burn
Moderators Moderators
97917743 RE: Foreign films you watched ..
18/4/2014 7:48:35 PM
Name that tune
Moderators Moderators
9657848 RE: What soundtrack are you l ..
10/4/2014 10:16:45 AM
Gimli The Dwarf
Knowledge Base 
Forum members answer all your questions
Moderators Moderators
322123472 RE: Make me an avatar ..
12/4/2014 9:26:28 AM
Gimli The Dwarf
Awards and Festivals 
The Oscars, Cannes and everything in-between
Moderators Moderators
2817218 RE: Oscars 2014 - the predict ..
7/3/2014 3:18:41 PM
[On Another Note...]
News and Hot Topics 
Current affairs and In-depth debate
Moderators Moderators
4355128089 RE: Bryan Singer accused of s ..
19/4/2014 12:53:07 AM
Ultimo Lee
Off Topic 
Idle banter and general chit-chat
Moderators Moderators
Sub-forums: Mammoth Threads
8598550118 RE: I've never eaten.. ..
19/4/2014 11:10:23 AM
Bloke from Oz
Small Screen 
TV topics
Moderators Moderators
3839198629 RE: How Have Your Viewing Hab ..
19/4/2014 11:19:09 AM
Sexual Harassment Panda
Computer game chat
Moderators Moderators
2611130638 RE: Xbox One ..
19/4/2014 8:09:39 AM
Sexual Harassment Panda
Read anything good lately?
Moderators Moderators
Sub-forums: The Comic Shack
129537150 RE: What books have you bough ..
14/4/2014 8:30:28 PM
For the musically minded
Moderators Moderators
287390053 RE: Last album you bought? ..
18/4/2014 5:14:56 PM
All things sport-like
Moderators Moderators
1726142002 RE: The Championship and wors ..
19/4/2014 10:53:43 AM
Fun And Games 
Odd One Outs, Movie Quotes, Movie Trivia and more
Moderators Moderators
Sub-forums: Save Your Favourite
867638733 RE: Rate the Last Film the Ab ..
19/4/2014 8:45:27 AM
[Special Forums]
Game Reviews 
Note: This is a special forum, you can reply but threads are generated from content on the main site.
Moderators Moderators
8421057 inFAMOUS: Second Son ..
21/3/2014 5:23:05 PM
Empire Admin
Book Reviews 
Note: This is a special forum, you can reply but threads are generated from content on the main site.
Moderators Moderators
324430 Danny Boyle: Creating Wonder ..
26/4/2013 1:40:56 PM
Empire Admin
Soundtrack Reviews 
Note: This is a special forum, you can reply but threads are generated from content on the main site.
Moderators Moderators
133248 Inside Llewyn Davis ..
7/10/2013 9:36:30 AM
Empire Admin
TV Reviews 
Note: This is a special forum, you can reply but threads are generated from content on the main site.
Moderators Moderators
325737 Games of Thrones: Season 3 ..
11/2/2014 12:07:43 PM
Empire Admin

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