Sigourney Weaver In Cameron’s Avatar

Plus a few other cast members

Sigourney Weaver In Cameron's Avatar

by Willow Green |
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James Cameron recently let slip to about a few cast members from sci-fi spectacular Avatar. Though you're unlikely to have heard of all of them, there's at least one name there we're very excited about. Sigourney Weaver has been confirmed as playing Grace, a mentor to the film's hero Jake. Now, you may remember that the last time Cameron and Weaver worked together it produced a little movie called Aliens. Could this get them knocking heads about that long discussed fifth Alien movie again? Probably not, but fingers crossed.

Other cast members announced were Wes Studi (the bad guy from Last Of The Mohicans), CCH Pounder (lots of quality TV stuff), Joel David Moore (weird looking guy from Art School Confidential), Laz Alonso (Eeeerm...) and Peter Mensah (...uh...that thing).

Avatar, the story of disabled marine sent to settle and alien planet, is currently shooting and is set for release in Summer 2009.

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