Short New Taken 2 Teaser Online

With a little extra footage

Short New Taken 2 Teaser Online

by James White |
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Though we’ve already had one sizeable trailer for** Taken 2 (or, to give it its full imaginary title, Bryan Mills Learns That All Actions Have Consequences, But Such Consequences Can Be Met With More Punching And Shooting) , the producers have put a new, short promo online, which you can watch below.

There’s even a little bit of fresh footage to be found lurking among the recycled material of Liam Neeson's Mills playing happily family man, Rade Serbedzija’s Murad swearing violent revenge and our hero having to once more deal with kidnappers. This time, of course, they’re after him and wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) and it’s up to daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) to help out.

With Olivier Megaton on shot-calling patrol this time (replacing another Luc Besson protégé, Pierre Morel), you pretty much know what to expect: Neeson being a badass, lots of gun play, some car action and enough violence to make Sylvester Stallone clap his hands and jump up and down like an excitable toddler.

Taken 2 drives in on October 5.

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