Sequelpalooza From MGM

WarGames 2 and more announced

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MGM has decided that what the world needs now is not love, sweet love – but more sequels.

So it’s with that in mind that the company, or at least its Worldwide Television Distribution Group, has announced that it will be selling the broadcast rights to a batch of new follow-up films.

Leading the charge is the Reese Witherspoon-free Legally Blonde 3, which, according to the press release, boasts “beauty, brains and big laughs”. But clearly not an Oscar winner who isn’t sure she really needs to play Elle Woods and triumph over some other snooty stereotype all over again.

Reaching back further into history we find WarGames 2, which must rank as one of the slowest-arriving sequels since the Lumiere Brothers’ Zut Alors! Here Comes Le Train Again! WarGames 2 will find the US government struggling to dismantle the famous computer that nearly destroyed the world last time around. Sadly, they won’t be getting help from Matthew Broderick. It does, however, have a date to crank its cameras this November in wintry Montreal.

The Cutting Edge 3 might be based on a 1992 film, but at least it has the benefit of following a 2006 video sequel, so that one doesn’t feel quite as dated. And falling into the Surely Unnecessary file is Into The Blue 2, breathlessly described in the press release as “a new and exciting instalment based on the action thriller about aspiring treasure hunters.” It’s exciting? And it’s based on Into The Blue’s characters? Let's just hope that they've managed to fit it just as many sharks, harpoons, car chases and hard bodies in bikinis for this instalment.

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