Second Trailer For The Longest Ride Ambles In

Not everyone gets their happy ever after

Second Trailer For The Longest Ride Ambles In

by James White |
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Though the first trailer for The Longest Ride only arrived last month, tied not-so-surprisingly to Valentine’s Day, here comes a second, which is timed perfectly for… um... the end of Purim? Anyhoo, take a gander at the new promo for the latest product of the Nicholas Sparks romantic movie factory.

**The Longest Ride **is primarily the story of star-crossed affection between beautiful college student Sophia (Britt Robertson), all set for a job in New York City’s art world and the chiseled Luke (Scott Eastwood), a champion bull rider. She’s caught between wanting to pursue her dream gig and staying with the bloke she’s forged a deep connection with. He’s desperate to keep riding, even though his medics, his mother and the woman in his life want him to stop lest he end up another casualty.

But that’s not the only tale of love, loss, promises and pain to be unspooled here. Sophia and Luke make an unexpected connection with Ira (Alan Alda), who regales them with the saga of meeting and romancing his beloved wife, with flashbacks to their decades-long love story (with Jack Huston as the younger Ira and Oona Chaplin as his other half). What can the young lovers learn from someone who has experienced everything that relationships have to offer?

And, would you believe it, there’s even a third story underpinning the first two, as lovelorn bull Rocky pines for Marigold, a cow he met at a state fair but has rarely seen since. Can these two bantering bovines find romance along the rodeo circuit? No they cannot, because we made them up. But we had you going, right? Admit it!

With George Tillman Jr. behind the camera for this one, The Longest Ride ambles into UK cinemas on May 25.

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