Second Pacific Rim Trailer Stomps In

Apocalypse still cancelled

Second Pacific Rim Trailer Stomps In

by James White |
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Though it’s easy to get jaded when trailers seem to be carbon copies of each other, as if no more thought has gone into the marketing than to drag out the best bits of what has gone before, we’re actually rather pleased with this new** Pacific Rim** promo, which you can watch above.

Not only does it let us enjoy some of the highlights of the previous trail (which you can watch for comparison below), it actually brings some new footage from Guillermo del Toro’s huge monster mash.

Working from a script by Travis Beacham, the director has concocted a tale of giant creatures known as Kaiju surging from another dimension into our own via a mysterious portal. Making landfall in coastal cities around the world, they precede to lay waste to huge chunks of architecture and more than a few puny humans.

But we mortal men and women prove to be made of stronger stuff, and begin constructing huge robots called Jaegers to fight the new menace. Among the brave souls hitching their nervous systems to the controls are Charlie Hunnam’s Raleigh Becket and Rinko Kikuchi’s Mako Mori, who must bring battle-damaged ‘bot Gypsy Danger to life in a desperate struggle for the future of mankind.

With Idris Elba barking line-of-the-year contender “Today we are CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE!” and the likes of Ron Perlman (of course), Charlie Day and Clifton Collins Jr among the cast, Pacific Rim lands on July 12. And if you’re watching the first trailer again, why not check out our 10 Things We Learned feature, right this way…

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