Saw IV In The Works

Jigsaw's back... again

Saw IV In The Works

by Willow Green |
Published on

After this week’s results at the US box office, word that Lionsgate is planning a fourth Saw outing should surprise exactly no one.

Clearly not worried about the law of diminishing returns (and the success of Saw III’s launch weekend clearly means there’s still a market for the grim franchise), the company will crank the factory back up to punch out another entry for – you guessed it – Halloween 2007 in the States.

It’s become something of a ritual to unleash the latest terrors of twisted justice-dealer Jigsaw on unsuspecting victims. And while it’s far too early to talk plot, we feel comfortable predicting that he’ll be getting Jiggy with a fresh batch of screaming, morally-suspect types via various forms of inventive torture.

Pardon us while we hop in our Flux Capacitor-fitted Empire Mobile to review Saw XXI: Jigsaw Does Skegness (tagline: “This time, the town’s the torture!”)

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