Roger Avary Back Directing With Lucky Day

Roger Avary

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Though he's been busy on other fronts – writing and producing among them – Roger Avary hasn't directed a full feature film since 2002's The Rules Of Attraction. He's looking to change that with pulpy action pic Lucky Day.

Avary has rounded up the likes of Crispin Glover, Nina Dobrev, Luke Bracey, Michael Madsen, Josie Ho, David Hewlett and Nadia Fares for the film, which finds an ex-con on parole looking to reunite with his wife and daughter. What he doesn't count on is a psychopathic hit-man with vengeance on his mind.

"Every actor in the film is the hero of his own story and has a full arc," Avary tells Variety. "It’s my job as a filmmaker to breathe life into all these characters." He's likening it to movies he has worked on before, including True Romance and Pulp Fiction, particularly paying tribute to the late Tony Scott. "Tony passed away, and with this film we take his spirit and go back to where we were in the 1990s," Avary continues.

He already has the cameras rolling in Toronto and the movie will likely be out next year.

Roger Avary Steering Driver

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