Robin Williams To Star In Wedding Banned

A new rom-com from Disney

Robin Williams To Star In Wedding Banned

by Chris Hewitt |
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It’s been just two short years since Robin Williams starred in the risible wedding comedy, Licence To Wed. But time is a great healer, and so he’s at it again, signing on to star in Disney’s wed-com, Wedding Banned. Let’s hope that the second marriage is better than the first.

To be fair, this one has a decent premise. Williams will play a father who, along with his ex-wife, kidnaps his daughter on her wedding day so she won’t make a terrible mistake. Along the way, as they evade the cops and the angry groom, the divorcees gradually rekindle their own romance.

Could be fun. Could be** Licence To Wed 2**. Although, given the track record of the writers – Jack Amiel and Michael Begler wrote The Shaggy Dog and Raising Helen, both comedies filed under ‘my eyes, my eyes, make it stop, my goddamn eyes’ – we’re not holding out much hope for the former.

Much will depend on Williams himself – when he’s on form, he’s still very, very funny. When he’s not… well, we’ve already mentioned Licence To Wed three times. If we go for a fourth, legend has it that John Krasinski will appear and kill us.

Williams is the first cast member on board the film, which also appears to have no director. We’ll keep you posted as news comes in because we know that you won’t be able to properly live your life until you know who’s directing Wedding Banned.

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