Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Arrives

The film's in 3D, it subtly explains

Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Arrives

by James White |
Published on

Three Dimensions! Three! Not two… Three! Yes, as promised during the release of the first pictures late last week, the trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife arrived online this weekend after debuting at WonderCon. You can cast your eyes over it below.

And? Well, unsurprisingly, it looks like we’re in for much of the same – Milla Jovovich’s Alice kicking infected arse, helped by Ali Larter and hindered by the omnipresent Umbrella Corporation and its malicious world domination plans.

But what the promo really wants to sell is the fact that Paul WS Anderson shot this one in 3D. Not cheapo post-conversion dimensionalising either, oh no! He went all out and used James Cameron’s Pace camera system. It’s strange to see a credit for the technology in the middle of a trailer, but we suppose Anderson wanted to differentiate this from the likes of Clash Of The Titans and Alice (In Wonderland – not his missus’ character).

So, then… Guns… goons… stunts and blood. The usual, but all in 3D. Get it? It’ll be in our cinemas in 3D on 10 September. In 3D.

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