Reese Witherspoon Is Nice

In new black comedy about murder

Reese Witherspoon Is Nice

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

Just look at that picture of Reese Witherspoon for a moment. Doesn't she look smiley and pleasant? Like the sort of person who could never commit violent acts against another human being? Well, think again as she heads for Nice.

The story's based on the book of the same name by Jen Sacks, about a magazine writer (that'd be Witherspoon) who accidentally kills her boyfriend and discovers that it's easier to get away with murder than to get through a break-up, potentially solving all her dating problems. She gets involved with an ex-KGB assassin who's witnessed her criminal behaviour and becomes fascinated with her.

Ben Queen is adapting the script, which doesn't have a director attached just yet, but with Witherspoon producing as well as set to star, that could change at any moment. The book was originally set to be adapted back in 1998 for Helen Hunt to star, but fell apart after the studio tried to make the story a bit nicer. This time, they're keeping the dark, edgy tone in what sounds like an American Psycho for good girls.

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