A Quiet Place: Emily Blunt Stars In Exclusive Image

emily blunt a quiet place

by Emma Thrower |
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Imagine someone, or something, that hunts by sound: able to suss out a decibel across miles just as a shark can sense a drop of blood in the ocean. Now imagine you’re a parent to three small kids – and one of them is deaf. That’s the situation in A Quiet Place, the brand new film starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, and we’ve got an exclusive new image to share with you below:

“We’ve always talked about working together,” Krasinski tells Empire in our brand new issue. “But our whole theory was, you don’t want the headline of ‘they’re working together’ to be bigger than the movie. This one was so special, so different, that us being married weirdly helps.”

A Quiet Place will see the real-life husband and wife doing everything in their power to protect their offspring on their remote farm. Their eldest children are played by two of this year’s breakout stars: Wonderstruck’s Millicent Simmonds and Suburbicon’s Noah Jupe.

This marks Krasinski’s third go in the director’s chair, this time also on writing duties. “It could have gone completely differently,” he tells Empire. “[The studio] should have been all over me. They had every right to be on me every step of the way. But after my pitch to them that first day they just said, ‘Go make that movie, and if you make that movie that’s in your head and in your heart, that’s what we want’. I was like, am I being punked? This is crazy.”

Find out what that eerie red spark is when A Quiet Place arrives in cinemas next year. For more on this film, pick up the brand new issue of Empire, available in all good and evil newsagents tomorrow.

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