Prison Break Sequel Series Confirmed By Fox

If it ain't broken...

Prison Break Sequel Series Confirmed By Fox

by Ali Plumb |
Published on

With X-Files's follow-up limited series on its way, Fox has officially confirmed something very similar for the much-loved-but-definitely-flawed prison break drama, um, Prison Break (2005-2009). Fans of the show may be confused as to how this will work, logically, due to the straight-to-video wrap-up episode that seemed pretty definitive on certain fronts - such as death - but don't worry about that: Prison Break is back!

The most important news is that stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will be back for the 10-episode run, with creator and executive producer Paul Scheuring writing the first episode as well as a style / tone bible for other writers to follow.

Fox executive Dana Walden calls the new series “a bit of a sequel, [as] it picks up several years after the end of the series... [providing] a logical and believable explanation to why the characters are alive and still moving around the world. The brothers and some of the iconic characters will be back, and it will address some questions that were set up at the end of the series for a new audience.”

WIth no specific release date announced, the fifth season of Prison Break - which may or may not actually feature a prison, let alone anyone breaking out of one - will arrive when it's good and ready. Or, at least, when it's ready.

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