Power Rangers’ Alpha 5 gets a new look for the latest movie

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With the Power Rangers themselves getting a grittier, more alien style for the new movie, we suppose it was only natural that director Dean Israelite and his design team would modernise – or in this case, weird-up – the look of their loyal robot pal, Alpha 5. Take a look at his odd new style below, courtesy of IGN.

Power Rangers 2017 – new Alpha 5

Alpha 5 (who will be voiced in this incarnation by Bill Hader), is the enthusiastic artificial intelligence known for outbursts including his trademark "ay-yi-yi-yi!". And from the looks of this, he's been at the hormone supplements.

With Bryan Cranston voicing powerful, peaceful alien Zordon and Elizabeth Banks physically present as villain Rita Repulsa, the movie will find the Rangers battling Rita's evil schemes and defending the Earth while figuring out their own teenage issues.

Talking of Rita, Banks' character recently staged a takeover of the movie's Twitter feed to debut a new image. It is.... It is green.

Power Rangers will be out in the UK on 24 March.

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