Pacific Rim Trailer Roars In

Today we are canceling the apocalypse!

Pacific Rim Trailer Roars In

by James White |
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Guillermo del Toro knows how to do creepy. He’s proven he can do rip-roaring entertainment. And he’s also a hugely charming raconteur. Now, with the first proper trailer for Pacific Rim, he’s proving he’s got massive blockbuster chops. Check out the footage above and the new poster below.

In a wildly thrilling trailer that plays like an adrenalin shot straight to the heart, we get the very basic setup thanks to Charlie Hunnam’s Raleigh Antrobus, who explains that massive, trans-dimensional beasties are emerging from the ocean. Sharp-eared viewers will also pick out the voice of Ellen McLain as the AI – essentially Portal's GLaDOS in all but name (though presumably slightly less homicidal/cake-obsessed).

The creatures – every bit as alien even though they didn’t fall from the stars – are known as kaiju and are looking to destroy humanity. But they had reckoned without our indomitable spirit and ability to build giant robots, called Jaegers, that can take the fight back to the monsters.

Piloted by two people at once via neural link from a control room in the robots' heads, these skyscraper-sized ‘bots go into battle against the encroaching beasts. And let’s face it: giant robots vs huge monsters brought to the screen by Guillermo del Toro? They already have our money.

GDT also plays it canny by not showing too much of the monsters – just enough to whet our appetites. We’ll have to wait until July 12 to see Pacific Rim in cinemas, but this little treat feels like an early Christmas present. And that’s before Idris Elba gets to deliver a little motivational speech... {New Pacific Rim imagery}

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