Night Of The Hunter Remake Coming From Scott Derrickson And C Robert Cargill

Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill

by Ben Travis |
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One of the most reliable partnerships in modern spooky cinema is that between director Scott Derrickson, and writer C. Robert Cargill. Together, the pair delivered Sinister, Doctor Strange, and The Black Phone, and they’re currently working together on a script for The Black Phone 2. But beyond that, the duo has a new project lined up together – a new take on legendary noir thriller classic The Night Of The Hunter. Davis Grubb’s novel was previously adapted for the screen in 1955 by director Charles Laughton, and now nearly 70 years on will be getting a whole new life on the big screen.

The new version of The Night Of The Hunter has both Derrickson and Cargill on writing duties, and Derrickson is officially on board to direct for Universal. No casting has been announced yet, but the story revolves around a serial killer who hides behind his veneer as a preacher, making murderous plans to inherit a widow’s considerable fortune, no matter how many bodies it takes to get it. Writing on Twitter, Cargill promised an even more… well, sinister take than the 1955 film. “For those unfamiliar, NIGHT OF THE HUNTER was based on a novel that was *MUCH DARKER* than the 1950s would allow. Very excited about this project and thrilled we can finally talk about it,” he wrote, also encouraging people to check out the source material and previous adaptation. “If you've never seen or read NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, I highly recommend doing either or both. Stone cold classics,” he said. “One of the best things about re-adapting something is you can turn a whole new generation onto the original.”

What this does throw into question is whether Derrickson will direct The Black Phone 2 – no filmmaker has been confirmed behind the camera on that one yet, and The Night Of The Hunter news could indicate that Derrickson might leave the sequel to another filmmaker to pick up. Either way, he and Cargill are exceptionally busy right now. Later in 2024, their latest collaboration The Gorge – directed by Derrickson with Cargill as a producer, and starring Miles Teller, Anya Taylor-Joy and Sigourney Weaver – is coming to Apple TV+. Bring on the Derrickson deluge.

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