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Russell Crowe gets frantic

The Next Three Days UK Poster Online

by Helen O'Hara |
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Russell Crowe's looking all kinds of worried in the UK poster for The Next Three Days, the new thriller from Paul "Crash" Haggis. But then again, his wife has been accused of murder and he's trying to get her out of prison, so you can understand why*.

The story has it that wife and mother Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks) has been convicted of killing her boss. Convinced of her innocence and determined to get her out of prison, English professor John Brennan - out of options in the legal system - plans a daring prison escape. It's all an adaptation of the French film Pour Elle, which you may remember from back in 2008.

This poster's somewhat similar to the US posters already out there, except that we get that nice red slash and they have to make do with monochrome. That's one-nil to Blighty, eh?** The Next Three Days** is out in the UK on January 7.

*Our lawyers would like to make clear that we're referring here to Crowe's on-screen wife. We have no reason to believe that the real Mrs Crowe has ever been in trouble with the law.

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