New Trailer For Ricki And The Flash

Meryl Streep rocks while her family rolls

New Trailer For Ricki And The Flash

by James White |
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It’s the sneaky Marvel/DC crossover no-one expected! Yes, with the presence of The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) and someone playing The Flash the stakes couldn’t be…. Sorry, we’re now being told that this is actually the latest trailer for Meryl Streep’s new family drama/comedy Ricki And The Flash. No superheroes required, unless you count The Streepster herself. Which we do.

Jonathan Demme is behind the camera for this one, directing a Diablo Cody script about a rocker who essentially gave up everything for her chance at musical stardom. She’s used to being on tour, but when her long-suffering ex-husband Pete (Kevin Kline) calls to say their daughter Julie (Streep’s real-life spawn Mamie Gummer) has been jilted by her husband-to-be, she’s forced to confront the realities of the family she left behind. Naturally, there’s a little rebonding to be done, especially given that Julie isn’t the only one with matrimony on the mind – son Joshua (Stan) is ready to elope with his girlfriend to avoid having his absent mother involved.

The film, which Cody based on her mother-in-law, a former New Jersey bar band lead singer, looks like it could be fun provided it keeps its fingers largely out of the treacle jar, which we're hoping is the case given the writer. With Audra McDonald, Ben Platt and Rick Springfield also in the cast, **Ricki And The Flash **arrives in the UK on September 4.

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