New Trailer For The Last Showing

Robert Englund gets scary again

New Trailer For The Last Showing

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

There have been relatively few horrors set in the cinema, unless you count that fourth-wall-breaking scene in Gremlins 2. But **The Last Showing **seeks to change all that, with Robert Englund playing the demented puppet master who turns a locked cinema into an impromptu horror movie set for two unfortunate punters. Have a look at the trailer here.

Englund plays a cinema projectionist who is laid off by the multiplex where he has worked for years. Furious and out for revenge, he traps a young couple in the cinema after hours and sets in motion a plot to make them the stars of a horror movie, with the CCTV cameras rolling and the stage set for a bloody finale. It may not involve Freddy Krueger, but we suspect there will be blood.

Finn Jones and Emily Berrington play the couple, and director Phil Hawkins is calling the shots. **The Last Showing **hits UK cinemas on August 22, and then home entertainment on August 25.

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