New Trailer For Dracula Untold

Bat to the beginning of the story

New Trailer For Dracula Untold

by James White |
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While most of Universal’s attempts to put a new spin on its classic monsters are still in the scripting stage, Dracula Untold, which looks to explain how Bram Stoker’s famous fanged fiend came into being, is stalking ever closer to our cinemas. To make sure we remember that, the new trailer has gone online.

Luke Evans plays Vlad Tepes, a troubled ruler who struggles to protect those around him and especially his wife and son. But when a local sultan decides to round up an army of younglings to wage his latest battle, and demands that Tepes gives up his own boy to boot, it’s one step too far for our ill-fated hero.

He seeks out a strange creature living like a hermit (Charles Dance, because why wouldn’t the root of terrifying darkness be Tywin Lannister?) and offers to do anything to score the power to destroy his enemies. Of course, what he gains comes with a price: while he does earn formidable new abilities, he’s also cursed to be the one we know as Dracula. Cue troubles with sunlight, fanged terror and, oh yes, the driving urge to suck your blooooood. (Dramatic music sting here)

Short film director Gary Shore is making his feature debut with a film that also features Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Charlie Cox, Samantha Barks, Zach McGowan and Art Parkinson.** Dracula Untold** flits to these shores on October 3.

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