New Toy Story 3 Clip Online

It's a Barbie meets Ken origin story

New Toy Story 3 Clip Online

by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

Judging by the cuddly cohorts of new characters introduced into Woody and Buzz's world, Pixar isn't resting on its very substantial laurels with Toy Story 3. One newbie we're particularly looking forward to seeing - along with Timothy Dalton's lederhosen-clad Mr. Pricklepants - is the none-more-metrosexual Ken, voiced with camp relish by Michael Keaton.

Thanks to Disney, then, for this new clip in which the neckerchief'ed Ken gives Woody, Jessie, Slinky et al a tour of Sunnyside Day Center, their new home when Andy heads off to college.

It's love at first glance when the lovelorn Ken lays eyes on Barbie, with Gary Wright's Dream Weaver setting a suitably crooney tone. Look out too for a first glimpse of Stretch in action, taking us back to blissful childhood hours watching rubbery octopuses climbing down walls. Ah, joy...**

Toy Story 3** is out in the UK on July 23.

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