New Terminator Salvation Image Online

Get a good look at the new John Connor

New Terminator Salvation Image Online

by Glen Ferris |
Published on

Now that we have reassessed our initial reaction to Terminator Salvation, we’ll happily admit to becoming more and more stoked by the franchise reboot concept.

Following the intriguing teaser trailer released last week, a new high-res image depicting Christian Bale’s John Connor - robot ass-kicker, saviour of mankind, you know the guy - has been released by Warner Bros.

Perhaps it’s our inherent good nature but, qualms about McG at the helm aside, the quality of the cast and grimy retro-future look has got us all excited and asking the question, “Arnie who?”

While we’re on the subject of the Governator, a young fella called Roland Kickinger (an Austrian native who played a young Schwarzenegger in a 2005 biopic called See Arnold Run) has been cast to play a younger version of the T-800 character.

“It’s Arnold’s character in the first Terminator, that’s basically my role but 20 years before,” says the awesome surnamed Kickinger. “So it establishes how the Terminator came about.”

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