New Super 8 Promo Arrives

Trouble hits town...

New Super 8 Promo Arrives

by James White |
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We might have to wait until August to see what JJ Abrams has unleashed on a small Ohio town in Super 8, but those lucky types across the pond get to watch it next week. So there was naturally a new trailer at last night’s MTV Movie Awards to give the film a final shove into public awareness. Take a gander below.

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Set in the summer of ’79, Super 8 finds a group of young friends and filmmakers – including Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney, Zach Mills and Gabriel Basso – out shooting a movie one night when they witness a huge train crash. It’s no ordinary derailment, either: the military cargo carried within turns out to be something distinctly nasty and very dangerous. Soon, the town is under quarantine by typically mysterious government forces and the youngsters have to figure out the mystery of just what was in that fateful train carriage before it’s too late…

With the likes of Kyle Chandler and Ron Eldard also in the cast, Super 8 will finally make its way over here on August 5. Take a look at the trailer above and let us know if it makes you more likely to see it...

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