New Spider-Man 3 Footage Online

In a word...amazing

New Spider-Man 3 Footage Online

by Willow Green |
Published on

We were already pretty excited about seeing the third Spider-Man movie, but after watching the extended scene that's just gone online here, we've got our Spidey branded undies well and truly in a bunch in anticipation of May 3.

The seven-minute clip starts off pretty slowly with some of that Peter and Mary-Jane lovey dovey crap that nobody really cares about, with the former deciding he's going to propose to the latter with Aunt May's ring. But then...Oh then things get really good.

The airborne battle that follows between Peter (out of Spider suit) and Harry Osbourne, a man with no understanding of the term 'move on', as a new ninja/extreme snowboarder take on his dad's evil alter-ego rivals the best action set pieces of the previous two films. And we're doubting this is even the best the film has to offer.

Aside from a couple of slightly rubbery CG-shots (it's said the effects are still being polished) this is stunning action, swooping over the city, camera spinning around the pair as Osbourne fires off pumpkin bombs and Peter let's fly gross sticky stuff. And then as the scene ends in tragedy we get a further look at Sandman and a quick flash of Venom. But why are you reading about it here. Go and watch it! Go and watch it now!

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