New Simpsons Trailer Online

First lengthy look at the movie

New Simpsons Trailer Online

by Willow Green |
Published on

Reaction to previous trailers for The Simpsons movie has been decidedly mixed. While Empire has tittered greatly at the sight of Homer being thwacked between a rock and a hard place and hitting himself in the face with a hammer, some of you more stern faced readers have been less than impressed. So, today comes a new full length trailer hoping to kick your funny glands into life. Click here to conduct the highly scientific Will The Simpsons Movie Be Funny experiment.

We have to say that mirthwise this has impressed us the least of the three. Of course, nobody could ever deny the hilarity of a pig having raspberries blown on his little porky stomach, but there's a definite lack of the early Simpsonian zingers. Hopefully it could be that the trailers are being kept broad for reasons of pacing and all the smart dialogue is being saved. On the positive side, the animators have stepped up their game and made this look epic without losing that signature look.

The Simpsons movie is released on July 27.

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