New Red Band Evil Dead Trailer

Swallow this!

New Red Band Evil Dead Trailer

by Owen Williams |
Published on

There are red band trailers and red band trailers, but the blood-drenched new clip for the hotly anticipated Evil Dead remake is positively crimson. It's not safe for work, obviously. It's not really safe for anywhere.

"A new vision"? That's debatable, but what we do have here is a seriously impressive-looking remix of all the familiar Evil Dead elements (and interestingly, those elements are from the first two films, and not just Evil Dead 1).

We get some smoother-than-we're-used-to shaky-cam through the woods, tree assault, copious blood vomiting, floods, a laughing head in a plastic bag, chainsaws, knives (both electric and traditional), amputation, fire, immolation, longer exposure to the disgusting tongue scene we glimpsed in the previous trailer, and the we're-gonna-get-you song from the cellar thing, who in this case is also principal star and apparent Ash replacement Jane Levy.

It is, in a word, intense, and you'd hope for no less from a reworking of something that trumpeted itself as "the ultimate experience in gruelling terror." All involved - including producers Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell - have consistently sworn blind that this was a remake worth doing, and on this evidence it looks as if it's going to be hard to argue.

The aforementioned Ms Levy stars in the new Evil Dead alongside Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci and Elizabeth Blackmore. The director this time out is Fede Alvarez, and the film's out in the UK on April 12.

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