New Rambo Poster Online

Sly Goes Banksy

New Rambo Poster Online

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Whoever is designing the posters for Rambo, we applaud you. The one released a few weeks back, showing Sly with back to camera and raining thumping down, was pretty great. And we love the new graffitti poster below just as much.

The simplicity and rough hewness (is that a word? Maybe not) of it fit perfectly with where John Rambo should be going in his (hopefully) glorious return. Get in, get the job done, slur a bit, get out.

If Banksy made this you'd pay about a grand for it. If we were clever marketing people we'd be releasing stencils of this with the overt intention of people using them on their own walls, but with the secret hope that they'd use them on public walls for publicity.

Don't graffitti, kids, it's messy and after a while blacking out the teeth on posters just isn't funny anymore.

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