New Pic Of Jet Li In The Mummy 3

He's on a horse! A HORSE!

New Pic Of Jet Li In The Mummy 3

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Earlier this week we saw the first image of Jet Li in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, miliseconds from kicking some Brendan Fraser ass. Now we have a second image of him riding into battle, which director Rob Cohen has just posted on his blog. He had this to say about the pic:

"Just a quick one, family, to give you the first look at Jet Li as the Emperor riding into battle about to re-take command of 5000 terracotta mummies. The sword fight between Jet and Michelle Yeoh that I have been shooting for two days is nothing less than poetry. Such great stars of World Cinema, mano a mano against the desert mountainscape as the whole battle roars behind them. This a landmark day for me and my film."

Can't wait to see pics of that fight between Li and Yeoh, who plays an immortal trying to stop Li from gaining eternal life. Yeoh told us on the set that the fight is being referred to by crew as 'The Fight The World's Been Waiting For'. No pressure then.

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