New (Old) Total Recall Trailer Lands

'See you at da party, Richter!'

New (Old) Total Recall Trailer Lands

by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

Yes, yes, we know there's a new Total Recall coming soon and that running a trailer for the *old *Total Recall could lead to all kinds of the sort of mindboggle that could have us scurrying to the nearest branch of Rekall, but, heck, we love this fresh promo for the Arnie/Paul Verhoeven sci-fi flick and it's coming to Blu-ray soon. It's time to get our asses back to you-know-where. Michael Ironside wills it.

In case anyone out there has had a memory wipe, our hero is Schwarzenegger's construction worker Douglas Quaid. Finding out that's actually a secret agent whose memory has been tampered with, he heads to the red planet to find out why - and kill them.

The rest, under Verhoeven's wry spell, is cult sci-fi history that can be revisited for one day - July 10 - on the big screen, ahead of a Blu-ray release on July 16.

In Len Wiseman's new Total Recall, of course, it's Colin Farrell donning Quaid's blue-collar threads, but the new trailer strong suggests it'll feature the same levels of mayhem. That one's out on August 29.

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