New National Treasure 2 Trailer

Nic Cage and his hair go adventuring

New National Treasure 2 Trailer

by Olly Richards |
Published on

We learned from the last National Treasure: Book of Secrets trailer that any effort to take this film seriously would be futile, and it's far more enjoyable to surrender to its gloriously literal dialogue and Nicolas Cage's improbably big hair and just go with its enthusiastic badness. Now there's more here.

Every line of dialogue in this trailer goes to great lengths to explain exactly what is happening at every single moment. Wondering if that might be a terrible trap? Helen Mirren will let you know. Thinking that book of secrets is real, but what Nic Cage's discovery of it might mean? Bruce Greenwood's got the info.

Really, we can't imagine this being good in any traditional sense of the word, but that doesn't mean it can't be a blast.

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